Tourist Walks Up To Old Faithful Like It's A Good Idea

It would seem that tourist incidents in Yellowstone National Park are going to continue to be a thing this year.

This year has seen incidents involving tourists and bison, including a 9-year-old girl getting thrown by one, and tourists leaving boardwalk viewing areas, which includes a man leaving the boardwalk at Grand Prismatic Spring. That incident led to jail time, probation, a large fine, and a one-year ban from the park.

This time, a man was caught on video walking up to the Old Faithful geyser which, again, has a boardwalk viewing area that visitors are not supposed to stray from for their own protection and the protection of the land.

Though there has not been information given about any penalties or citations for the man in the video, a report from KRTV has said that Yellowstone staff did keep a watchful eye on the man until the rangers arrived.


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