Vail Has Three New Runs Cut On Golden Peak

As part of an expansion project for Vail Mountain Resort, three new runs have been cleared from the side of Golden Peak.

The Golden Peak Improvement Project was given the go-ahead earlier this year and Vail has been wasting no time in getting it done. However, if you are an everyday skier, you won't be taking runs on these new trails anytime soon.

The trails are being cut as a way to expand the training area at the mountain. This included expanding the border of the ski area by 68 acres, with these new trails totaling 42 acres. Two of these trails are going to be used for alpine event training, while the third will be used as a mogul area.

Credit: U.S. Forest Service
The map to left, which was part of the proposal given to the U.S. Forest Service, shows where the new trails sit on Golden Peak. They are cut right below a new lift that was also allowed to be built to service that area.

This is all part of a larger expansion and updating project for Vail. Currently, the mountain is also working on a project to expand snowmaking capability. The existing snowmaking system allows for approximately 431 acres of coverage. At the end up the expansion and upgrades, the system will be able to cover another 262 acres.

That's a lot of expansion and improvement for the area, which the common day skier will be able to enjoy at some point. The training area, though there is no definitive timeline currently, will be available to public riders in the future.


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