Was There An Alien Craft Over Jackson Hole This Past Weekend?

Though most questions about Jackson Hole are about skiing, the title of this post is more than valid. It would seem that a local webcam caught something during the night that has people, including professionals scratching their head.

This video comes from a story from Buckrail News in Jackson Hole. The short story is that a woman was watching the Spring Creek Ranch webcam looking to see part of the Perseid Meteor Shower and instead caught a glimpse of light moving slowly across the sky. But, what could it be?

Various enthusiasts and experts have taken their guesses, but there hasn't been a confirmation as to what that light was. Most seem to think it was a drone, which is more than possible. But, as anyone could have guessed, there are those who want it to be a video of an alien craft.

Either way, it's a great catch. I hope whoever or whatever was flying over Jackson Hole that night appreciates the extra publicity.


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