Woman Run Down By Bear In Great Smoky Mountains National Parl

Credit: Neal Herbert
In a very unusual interaction with wildlife in the National Parks, a woman was run into and knocked over by a local bear in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

In a report from WBIR TV-10 in Knoxville, TN, a woman was hiking in the eastern side of the park on a remote section of the Appalachian Trail when the collision occurred.

The woman was not injured, though shaken as any person would be. During her hike she was wearing headphones, so she had no audible warning of the bear's approach.

She told park officials that she was sure it was a bear, though having been away from her group, there were no other witnesses to confirm the identity of the bear involved in this hit and run.

It was indeed a hit and run. The bear made no effort in trying to take the woman's pack, nor did it advance on the woman in any threatening manner. After the collision, the bear continued to run off deeper into the woods.

Park officials have stated that bear sitings along the trail are not uncommon, but to have one run into and knock over a visitor is very uncommon.

Though this incident had no injuries to the human or animal involved, always practice wildlife safety when visiting public lands.


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