A Snowboard Film Full Of Good Vibes And Vermont

The fact that this is a snowboard film was not the first thing to catch my eye. No, the first thing I noticed about this film was the artistic take on the sign for Route 100 North in the upper right corner of the thumbnail. I'd recognize it anywhere having traveled, and skied, along Route 100 many times in my life.

100 North - A Vermont Snowboard Movie from afterhours on Vimeo.

This film really shows off the soul snowboarding vibe that is very common here in the Green Mountain State. If one isn't able to pick that up from the visuals alone, the accompanying soundtrack will get you there very quickly. Aside from the wonderful film and sound work, some of the riding is so smooth it takes the opening quote, "Don't make snowboarding on the East Coast look good, just make it look fun." and instead does both. All in all, this really is a wonderful film and had me looking out of the window here at the HQ wishing the snow would start to fall.

Thumbnail Credit: afterhours creative


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