A Wonderful Ski Short And Questions Of The Legality Of The Road Gap

The short ski film The Warmest Moments does not go into the questions of the legality of road gapping. The film is filled with beautiful visuals, including an opening sequence featuring a skier with a torch that really sets the tone for the rest of the film. There is a road gap in the film and it's a pretty decent one, at that. Watch, enjoy the beauty of this short film, and then read on.

If you did watch it, you'll see that one of the athletes does perform a road gap. If you didn't or don't know what a road gap is, it is a stunt involving a skier or snowboarder jumping over a road or highway, sometimes with a vehicle going underneath, which did happen in this video.

As with any stunt, safety is an important issue. It is a dangerous stunt to perform and should only be attempted by those with the training to do it and in a controlled environment, such as during a film shoot.

Aside from safety, however, are the questions of legality. Is this something that is legal to do. To that point, here is an article that gets into why this type of stunt may or may not be illegal or how it could be done in a very legal way.

Hucking the highway? Not cool, officials warn after Teton Pass stunt video

Jumping state highways on skis prompted a meeting - to discuss the legality of such a stunt - between the Wyoming Highway Patrol and Teton County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. Is it reckless endangerment or completely legal? The answer isn't black and white. Lt.
The author was able to talk to a member of the Wyoming Highway Patrol and to the Teton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, both chosen as this stunt was performed on Highway 22 on Teton Pass. Both spoke about the inherent dangers of a stunt like this and the issues the stunt could cause. However, it was also said that with the right permitting and precautions, this could be done legally. It is those who are out riding and doing these types of stunts on their own that could see legal issues.

It is an interesting topic. Be sure to read the full article linked above for more information and feel free to discuss that topic here. If you are one to take part in stunts such as these, please be aware of the local and state regulations concerning such activities and be safe.


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