An Informative And Useful Article -- "TALK LIKE A SKIER/SNOWBOARDER 101" From

Credit: Yfanny [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
I am a very big supporter of language. I try to use the language I speak correctly, using the literal definitions of words as often as possible. However, slang does have its place and I use that, too, as most people do from time to time. Slang, in some forms, can almost be like another language, and we do have our own little slang language in the skiing/riding world.

I have to admit when I first I saw this one I had to chuckle. There are some of these the I have used in the past, but don't anymore, so have totally forgotten exist. But thankfully, was kind enough to put together a little primer for those who may have forgotten or have been up at the hill, heard a few of these tossed around and had no idea what the hell someone was talking about. Check it out! It's good. Enjoy!


Every bubble has it's own lingo and ski resorts are no exception. We don't call Meribel the 'meribubble' for nothing. If you've ever visited friends on a winter season and feel like they're speaking Chinese, this guide is for you. Have a quick read, learn the jargon and get ski savvy before you hit the slopes this winter.


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