Another Incident At Yellowstone -- Two Men Now Face Charges For Approaching Old Faithful

The Two Men At The Geyser - Credit: Kimberly Guilliams/FB
Two men are now facing federal charges for approaching the Old Faithful Geyser at Yellowstone National Park this past Tuesday, September 10.

Though the two men have yet to be identified, they were witnessed leaving the viewing area and approaching the geyser. The act was witnessed by Kimberly Guilliams, who was able to photograph the entire incident and give a report to rangers. She went on to post the photos to a Facebook Group titled "Yellowstone National Park: Invasion of The Idiots!"

Credit: Kimberly Guilliams/FB
Credit: Kimberly Guilliams/FB
"So this happened this past Tuesday at Old Faithfull. They even leaned more over the opening but just didn't get a photo. They were caught, reports were filed and I submitted photos to the Park Ranger. We were in total disbelief and the complete stupidity of these guys." wrote Guilliams.

Reports from park officials have stated that the two men were caught and will be charged with thermal trespassing. 

Yellowstone National Park officials are also reminding all visitors that it is not only illegal to leave the viewing areas of the geysers, but can also be extremely dangerous. The park has provided a webpage with an overview of how to visit the park safely, which is linked below. 

Safety - Yellowstone National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

Never feed wildlife, even birds and squirrels. Animals that become dependent on human food may become aggressive toward people and have to be killed. Animals also carry diseases that can be transmitted to people. Be especially watchful around ravens: they can unzip or unfasten many different kinds of buckles and latches.


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