Another Trailer For Ski Film Fall -- "The 7 Stages Of Blank" From The Blank Collective Films -- VIDEO

With colors of the trees changing as one indication that the summer is ending and the fall is beginning, so too is the run of trailers for ski films.

This time the trailer is from Canadian film group Blank Collective Films. In it, a group of skiers demonstrates what skiing with the right group, the right camaraderie, and the right vibe can get you. Some great visuals with some great locations, including a tease for what looks to be one of the sicker road gaps to be seen in a while. As with any good ski film, the music really does set the tone, getting one's toes tapping while marveling at some of the lines the athletes are tackling.

This is a good one and very easy to enjoy. The film's world premiere is going to be at Whistler on September 28, with an online release on SalomonTV on October 22.


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