Comic Book Superheros On Skis -- "12 Retro Comic Book Moments That Geeks, Skiers, And Hipsters Will Love" from Mpora

I would love to say that I came up with this one all on my own. I'm part of the Nerd culture and community, but when it comes to comic books, I'm still very much a novice. I think I know more about comic book films than I do about the books themselves, but I'm not totally ignorant of the books, either. I'm somewhere in the middle.

Having said that, I was surprised to find that there have been more than a few instances where comic book heroes or villains have put on a pair of skis for whatever reason the stories called for. Which some of those reasons, even without reading a single issue mentioned in the article from Mpora, seem a little silly.

Now, in some of them, it's fine. A ski trip as part of the story in an Archie book makes sense. But, why would Superman ever need to ski? Again, I don't know the context of the story. Superman may just like to ski. But then, wouldn't he be doing that as Clark Kent? If he's in the blue and red suit, he's working as a Superhero and just wouldn't need skis.

But, that rant aside, the article linked below does have some interesting covers from the world of comic books that involve a sport we all know and love. As I said, it's actually surprising to see even 12 instances that involve skiing. It does make me wonder how many more there are out there. Perhaps it's something to research. Enjoy!

12 Retro Comic Book Moments That Geeks, Skiers, And Hipsters Will Love

Who knew that Batman was such a keen skier? And, guess what, he's not the only one. They say that the geeks will inherit the Earth. That's great news for us because we dig the geeky shit. If, like us, you love skiing and geeky shit...this comic book art will be right up your street.


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