For My Vermont Brethren & Sistren -- A Map Of The Average Annual Snowfall

Though I did call out my brothers and sisters from Vermont, this map also covers upstate New York, as well. Have a look and you can see the average annual snowfall taken from numbers that cover almost 30 years. I, myself, am in the 25-50 inch range.

Credit: U.S. National Weather Service/Burlington, VT
It's nice to see that we have a few areas here that run close to 200 inches on average. If you look just to the west of Stowe, VT, that purple area would be right around Mt. Mansfield, the highest mountain we have in Vermont. Which is why it isn't surprising to see it in the 150-200 range.

This map comes from a page at the U.S. National Weather Service-Burlington, VT website that has a ton of information that some might be able to put to use as the winter get closer. If you have an interest in meteorology, mapping, or just the winter in general, it could be worth it to have a look.


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