Looking For A Powered Way To Get Around On Skis? Let's Take A Look At Skizee

Have you ever considered what it could be like to have motorized or powered skis? It's not something that a person has to question any longer. With the Skizee Woodsrunner, that question can now be answered.

Jim Maidment, the inventor of the Skizee, first had the idea as a child, looking for a way to bypass the ever broken lifts of his local ski hill. As an adult, Maidment took an electric scooter, some BMX wheels, and started working his way through prototypes until he arrived at the device as it is today.

Similar to snowmobiles and groomers, the Skizee Woodsrunner is propelled forward with the use of a track, which is driven by a 4-stroke gas engine with a gallon tank. The user controls the machine with the use of a foldable and adjustable handle. The handle has the grips, the throttle, the clutch, and a wrist-strap that works as a kill switch, should the user take a tumble.

Does that look or sound interesting? Take a look at the promo video for the Skizee Woodsrunner and see if this is something you could imagine strapping yourself to.

It does look like fun, being able to strap on a set of downhill skis and zip around a field, across the lake, or even straight uphill for those just looking to get around lift lines, skiing, or snowshoeing. To that point, it does have plenty of function to go along with the fun.

The Skizee Woodsrunner, as you can see, if pretty small. Instead of having to load up a snowmobile, either in the back of a truck or on a trailer, the Skizee could be tossed right into the trunk of a car.  That could make that small backcountry adventure just a tad easier on anyone.

Fun and practical. Those are usually the makings of a fine product. If you're interested in this fun, little product, more information can be found at the Skizee website. This includes all of the specs, more photos, and a link to pre-order one of these machines. There are also testimonials and a feature on a local news program, which can also be seen below.

Photos And Promo Video - Credit: skizee.ca


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