Mammoth Mountain Showing Off Some Of Yesterday's Snow Beautifully

Having snow before the summer is over is considered, by some, a beautiful thing. Various skiing/snowboarding outlets have been reporting on the late summer snow, including this one, that has been falling in Montana, Wyoming, and California.

Any and all of the ski hills that have seen some of this snow have been showing off what they have seen. It could be looked at as a sign of the winter to come and it is just fun to look at. However, Mammoth Mountain took it to a different level by showing off some beautiful black and white imagery that was captured during the snowfall from yesterday, September 19.

A total of 14 images were posted to Mammoth's social media pages in an album titled The transition from Summer to Winter 19/20. A wonderful title as it excluded a mention of Autumn, which may be totally skipped over in some parts of the United States, if the early snows continue, that is.

Though one could simply press the link to share across their own social media, some of these are too good for such a simple gesture. It's true, some are just simple photos that show that it was snowing, but there are others, like the photo to the left, that would be very nice to frame and have hanging on the wall.

The snow itself is a beautiful thing, but when it's presented in lovely black and white photography, it can truly be recognized as a work of art.

All Photos Credit: Mammoth Mountain/FB


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