Pico Mountain, Vermont Getting Big Snowmaking Upgrades

Snowmaking Pipeline At Pico - Credit: Pico Mountain
As part of one of the largest investments in Pico Mountain in the past 20 years, Pico will be getting a major upgrade to its snowmaking system, which includes a whole new water source.

Announced this past Friday, September 20, Pico Mountain, which is part of the POWDR company, which also operates neighboring Killington Resort, was granted a Land Use Permit that will be the cornerstone of the new snowmaking system.

"This permit specifically authorizes the provision of supplemental water to the Pico snowmaking system from the Killington snowmaking system via an above-ground 8,000 foot, 8-inch pipeline, existing snowmaking pipeline upgrades/replacement at Pico, and the re-location of Killington's existing Ottauquechee River Intake."– District Environmental Commission
These new improvements will follow other improvements already underway at the mountain. These include the installation of more than 4,000 feet of new snowmaking pipe and the replacement of 5,460 feet of existing snowmaking pipe. This spring,  the Pico primary pump House will undergo a complete overhaul with the addition of three new pumps and a new control system, completing this two-phase snowmaking improvement project.
“Pico’s known for big mountain skiing and riding amidst its small mountain charm,” says Rich McCoy, director of operations at Pico Mountain. “These snowmaking upgrades raise the bar. This season, guests can expect trail count to increase faster and recovery time after bad weather to shorten.”


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