Ski Resorts And A Celebrity All Reported Snow At Tahoe Yesterday

It seems that the late summer that is masquerading as early winter just found another place to play.

Yesterday afternoon, September 16, a few of the resorts on the California side of the Lake Tahoe region were reporting snow. The reports, complete with pictures, videos, and posts designed to show the early blessing of snow, were coming up all over social media.

Rounding out the group is not a ski hill, but the person who just might Ski Rex Media's favorite actress that skis and frequents that area, Melissa Joan Hart. She also took to social media to show off some of the first snow of the not-quite winter season.

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Again, could be this a sign of the winter to come? Could this be a sign of who might win the race to open this year? Could it just be a fluke? As always, time will tell. But, for those who are there to experience it, enjoy it the best that you can. It looks beautiful.

Thumbnail -Late Summer Snow In CA - Credit: Heavenly Mountain/FB


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