The Snow In Montana This Weekend Turned Out To Be No Joke

Though having been forecasted several days ahead of time, the snow piling up across the United States and Canada is still a sight to behold, with the state of Montana seemingly taking the brunt of the punishment.

As predicted, parts of the state have seen several feet of snowfall. Some parts of the state have even seen record amounts of snow for the end of September. This winter storm, being called historic by some of those experiencing it, prompted Montana Governor Steve Bullock to declare a "Winter Storm Emergency".

“With an unprecedented winter storm throwing our state a surprise in September, state and local governments are working closely together to protect the health and safety of Montanans and our top priority is making sure that happens,” Governor Bullock said. “Montanans should heed all warnings from state and local officials, travel safely, and be cautious during this time.”
Credit: Kayla White

If any more evidence was needed as to the severity of this storm, it could come from the Montana Dept. of Transportation's social media feeds, which have been nothing but road closures and accident reports over the last two days.

There have also been several photographs that have been posted online and have gone viral, including the photo to the right, posted by an East Glacier, MT resident showing the accumulation throughout the day. There is also a short video that was posted by Big Sky Resort in Montana, showing how it already looks as if ski season is ready to start.

Part of that same storm left parts of Canada with similar scenes. Castle Mountain Resort, which is just north of the Montana border in Alberta reported, and showed the proof, of getting just shy of two feet of snow over the weekend.

Snow At Castle Mountain Resort - Credit: Castle Mountain Resort/FB

There were also reports of snow falling in the western United States. Parts of California, including the Lake Tahoe region, and the Pacific Northwest have reported several inches or more of accumulated snow. Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort posted a video of the depth of snow they had yesterday.

Though it is fun to see and play in, remember that the snow can make things dangerous. Take all precautions at your home or if you have to drive. If you are able, just stay home and enjoy until road crews are able to clean up, which will make it safer and easier for everyone involved. Be safe!

Thumbnail Credit: Montana Dept. of Transportation/Flickr [CC BY 2.0]


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