The World's First Grass Ski Backflip, Courtesy Of Ski The East

Though not an unheard of discipline in the skiing world, grass skiing could be called uncommon, at least here in the United States. However, the folks over at Ski The East seem to be pushing to make grass skis more popular in the best way one showing off some fancy tricks with them!

As the world's first backflip on grass skis, I have to say, it was wicked smooth. It almost looked like Ross Imburgia, the skier in the video, has been taking these things off jumps for a good, long while. The daffy that he tossed only adds to that.

They really do make grass skis look like a good time, and this isn't the first time they have put them on video. Take a look at what they had going on earlier in the summer.

Pretty sick, right? They also do more than grass skiing, though. Check out Ski The East on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see more.


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