Tips From The National Park Service About Safe Photography

It almost seems that photography, these days, could be considered an action sport. There have been more than a few incidents with people getting hurt, bothering the wildlife and then getting hurt, or other issues while trying to get that selfie or perfect Instagram photo.

With that in mind, the National Park Service shared a graphic with some tips on taking photos while visiting any of the parks.

Remember, the best way to enjoy any of the parks is to do it as safely and as environmentally conscious as one can. For more details on staying safe while taking photos out in the parks, the National Parks Service has put together that page linked below.

Keep Safety In The Picture (U.S. National Park Service)

We want your trip to a national park to be a fun and memorable experience for the whole family! When capturing precious moments, be a smart photographer and follow these picture-perfect tips. Going to a national park is not like going to the zoo.


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