Turn Your Gear Vegan -- A New Plant Based Ski Wax

Credit: mountainFLOW
Something most people don't think about when getting their edge and wax done at their local ski shop is that most of the waxes used are petroleum-based.

What does that mean for you? Well, it means that you can move across the snow real nice, but then you also leave behind some of that wax in the snowpack. Then the snow melts and you now have petroleum-based run-off getting into the ground and water. Not to mention the need to drill for the oil to get the byproducts to make the wax.

Now, that's a very simple way of putting it, but in the end, the wax we use for our skis isn't necessarily the most environmentally friendly stuff. That's where this new product comes into play. North America's only plant-based ski wax.

Being released via a Kickstarter campaign, mountainFLOW is looking to bring a more environmentally sound ski wax to the market, not only in the bar of wax but into the packaging as well. They have also been working and testing for two years to develop a wax that can compete or exceed the standards of the petroleum-based waxes that are in common use today.

If you're interested in getting some of your own, some for your shop, or just interested in how it's made, you can head to the Kickstarter page for all the information you need. Also, the campaign video is pretty entertaining, too.

mountainFLOW | North America's Only Plant-Based Ski Wax!

We are launching North America's only line of plant-based ski wax. For context, nearly all ski wax is made from petroleum and whatever we put on our skis quickly enters the snowpack and eventually ends up in local streams and rivers. Just being eco-friendly, however, is not good enough.


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