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UPDATE -- Body Found Along The Appalachian Trail In Tenn. Has Been Identified

Carver's Gap, Tenn. - Credit: John Hayes/Flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]
It was yesterday that Ski Rex Media reported that an unidentified body had been found along the Appalachian Trail in Tennesee. Today, via a press release from the Carter Country Sheriff's Office, an identity for that man has been given.

According to the release, the body is that of 53-year-old David Ladley Swanson, a resident of North Carolina. The identification has allowed authorities to notify the victim's family. 

Though there has been a successful identification of the victim, there is still an ongoing investigation as to the cause of Swanson's death.

Body Found Along Appalachian Trail In Tennessee

On Monday, September 2, the Carter County Sheriff's Office in Tennessee was alerted to a body being found along the Appalachian Trail in the Carver's Gap area. It was at approximately 2 P.M. that investigators were notified about the discovery of a male's body. Officials have sent the body for autopsy and identification.

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