Would You Use A Dogsled To Go From The Airport To The Resort?

Credit: Peakpoints/FB
The Scandinavian Mountains Airport, a brand-new, state of the art, not even quite finished being built airport is set to open December 2019. This airport, which sits right near the border of Sweden and Norway, is going to allow for direct flights from various cities in Europe to some of the biggest and best skiing and riding that both countries have to offer.

Credit: Användning i media
This new and wonderful hub for ski travel will put travelers just 10 minutes from Salën, one of the most beloved ski towns in Sweden. But, that 10-minute ride is by car. What if your ride would take a little bit longer, but be far more unique and interesting than picking up and driving a rental car?

Credit: Peakpoints/FB
Enter Peakpoints, a service that can take you from the brand new airport, into the wilderness, and drop you at your ski destination of choice via a dogsled.

This awesome little service will hook you up with a ride from a guide and a team of 8 to 12 Alaskan Huskies that will take you to your destination in roughly 45-75 minutes, depending on your destination. Each sled can hold one to four people and those people will be provided with the equipment needed to make the trip. 

Each ride will cost about 4995 kr ($515), which will mean the ride to the slopes will cost just about as much as part of the flight to get to Sweden. However, this could be one of the most unique ways to arrive at one's destination, making it worth consideration, even for the price.


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