A Grateful Dead Soundtrack, Funky Lights, & Chris Benchetler -- WICKED AWESOME TRAILER -- VIDEO

Like many of the other sub-genres of film, ski and snowboard films are enhanced by the music that they use. Any filmmaker will tell you that music can be a very big part of this type of storytelling. With that said, why not use an iconic band like the Grateful Dead as the sole contributor to that soundtrack?

Funky lighting is the first thing anyone would notice with this trailer for Fire On The Mountain. Does it look a little familiar? It could remind one of the lightsuit segment of the 2014 film Afterglow from Sweetgrass Productions. Well, the lighting was done by Sweetgrass Productions for this new film, so there you go.

Beyond that you have the production and riding talents of Chris Benchetler, a name well known in the world of ski film having been featured in several films over the years, including those from Nimbus Independent. The guy is no stranger to putting sick ski films together. He's also a good boy for featuring his wife, Kimmy Fasani.

All of that gets tied together with a full soundtrack by the Grateful Dead. You may or may not like the band, but the band has achieved icon status over its 50+ year history. A film like will have to live up to that icon status, and from the looks of the trailer, could do so with little issue.


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