Another Great Offering From Ski The East - "Promised Land 2.9" -- VIDEO

I know I've said it more than once, but I get wicked jazzed anytime I see a ski film that highlights a mountain that I know or have been to, and it goes double for any time I see one that features my old home mountain, Mount Snow, Vermont.

So, it shouldn't be a shock that when I saw the title Promised Land 2.9: Carinthia Metal, I dropped whatever I was actually doing and watched the video. I'll tell ya', just like past videos from Ski The East, this one does not disappoint.

Now, for me to say this video doesn't disappoint could be an opinion based on nostalgia. I remember skiing at Carinthia long before it was a terrain park destination with a fancy new lodge. In fact, most of my time spent at Carinthia was in the old, little lodge when I was skiing on my days off and went in to get my friends who worked that lodge to hook me up with lunch. With that said, however, this short does have some great riding.

There are times in this film that the athletes pull some of the smoothest maneuvers that I have seen in a bit. The transition from snow to rail to stomping the landing all in one fluid motion looks almost unreal. Now, that could be me projecting my own inabilities in park riding into my opinion, but watch the video. The riding really is sick, which really can't be denied.

Although, when I saw "metal" in the title, I thought they were talking about the music. I might have even been a little disappointed that it wasn't [Kidding : )]. That's okay, this caliber of riding is sick to any soundtrack.


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