Big Mountain Lines & Carbon Neutrality - Official Movie Trailer For "Shelter"

"A tale of five adventurers back on the boards. Their passion: the most beautiful summits in the world and the freedom to ride them. This year, they decided to change the practice, minimizing their CO2 emissions and finding ways to stay as neutral as possible in a changing nature. Determined to return to basics, they traveled for two months the Swiss and French Alps through valleys near their homes. Here is their message."

As a society, we are all watching as the high mountain areas are changing along with our climate. As such, a lot of us have started to be more mindful of the effect we have on the environment and how to minimize any negative impact. This film looks to show that it is possible to minimize that impact and still get big mountain lines.

Starring Jeremy Jones, Mat Schaer, Leo Taillefer, Levi Luggen, and Thomas Delfino, this film not only shows these athletes doing what they do best in the high mountains of the Swiss and French Alps but that they can do it while being environmentally sound.

The trailer looks beautiful, as one would expect from a film that is set in the Alps, an area high on the list for some of the most scenic landscapes in the world. To see if the film accomplishes the goals the filmmakers intended, you'll have to wait for the film's official release in December.

Now, just so it's said, the trailer does look great. But, there also has to be credit given to whoever designed the webpage for the film. It's a work of art in its own right. To see that page and for more information on the film, head to the link below.

shelter - Picture



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