How Do They Put A Groomer Inside? SNOW Operating Shares The Answer

An inside ski slope is groomed similarly to any ski slope. A large, tracked vehicle with a plow and skirt comes along and grooms it. But, just how does that groomer get inside? That process must involve just driving it in, but for Big SNOW American Dream in New Jersey, it involved a crane.

The opening day for the first indoor skiing and snowboarding facility in North America is fast approaching, so SNOW Operating is starting to put the finishing touches on the facility. This included bringing in a groomer, which involved using a crane to lift the machine up and over the building.

These are some amazing photos of the groomer being lifted up and over the American Dream complex at the Meadowlands. The shot from inside the groomer looking out towards the city is especially cool. However, those excited to try out an indoor skiing/riding facility might be most taken with the indoor photos. As one can see, there is a ton of snow being made inside. For those looking to ski/ride it, see the indoor groomer, or are just plain curious, opening day for Big SNOW America is December 5, 2019.

Photo Credit: SNOW Operating/FB


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