If Feels Like It's Snowing Everywhere Except New England -- Early Snow For The Texas Panhandle

As an area of the country that gets a decent amount of snow, one would think that New England would be in line for winter weather before Texas. Has it snowed here in the northeast? Well, yes, but not all that much. Most of it has stuck to the tops of the mountains, which is nice, but wouldn't it be nicer to see a bit more winter.

Though it is still autumn, winter has been pushing its way onto the scene pretty early, allowing for ski mountains up to open in different parts of the country. Now, there is no story of a ski mountain here. This is just a story of early snow in the Texas panhandle.

As stated in the video, there was as much as four inches in and around the city of Amarillo, Texas over the last couple of days. Though in the city and along I-40 the weather caused some treacherous driving, there were places that experienced an absolutely beautiful winter wonderland.

There were also reports of the elusive thunder-snow in the area, a not so common phenomenon in which a thunderstorm occurs, but with snow instead of rain. If one is truly lucky they may also get the chance to see a bit of lightning.

So, it does seem that although the northeast is set to get some of the worst winter weather for the 2019/2020 season, we are going to have to wait in line to get it. On the plus side, there is a break from all the rain New England has been seeing and the sun is shining through the windows.


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