It Seems Winter Came Out Swinging In Denver -- 70° Change Over A Day

As we continue to hear reports of early snow across the Rockies, Pacific North West, and into parts of Canada, there is no report that can quite match the weather news coming out of Denver, CO yesterday.

Going from Wednesday, Oct. 9th, into Thursday, Oct. 10th, there was a temperature change of nearly 70 degrees in the city. A beautiful, sunny, 83° Wednesday turned into a snowy, winter Thursday with temps dropping below freezing. Local meteorologist Chris Bianchi took to social media to show off some of the collected data, including the low of 13° on Thursday.

That temperature change was nearly record-breaking but only comes in tied for second when a 70° change took place in February 1933. However, a 9° temperature recorded this morning, October 11th, sets a new record for the earliest single-digit reading. 

All of this cold also came with another sign of winter, which would be about 5" of newly fallen snow. That snow ended up taking unprepared drivers by surprise and is blamed for close to 300 auto accidents, as reported by local authorities.


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