Killington Was Blowing Snow This Weekend

After what must have been a successful test on October 2, it would seem that Killington Resort in Vermont has now opened the valves on the snowguns and is going to leave them that way.

Temps here in Vermont have been dipping very low over the last week or so, having hit below freezing in many parts of the state. This has brought on the frost and even a little bit of the natural stuff. But, as Killington does have the longest season in the East, why not coax it a little bit with the snowguns?

As the young lady said in the video, there is no set opening date for the 2019/2020 season. They are going with an A.S.A.P. Now, the weather will be a factor in that, of course. To be honest, there has also been a lot of rain across New England recently. However, we also know that there is a FIS event over Thanksgiving weekend. With that in mind, opening day is likely to be within the next month. How excited are you?

Thumbnail Credit: Killington Resort/FB


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