Lindsey Vonn Bested By Pregnant Model, Ashley Graham???

When it comes to skiing, Lindsey Vonn is one of the best to ever grace the hills. However, when she's inside of a gym, it may not be as easy for her to take the top spot on the podium.

Clearly, this was not a real competition, but a little fun being had at the gym between friends.

The pregnant woman who beat Vonn was model Ashley Graham, who is very much pregnant, but clearly still in excellent shape, able to best the skiing superstar on a machine designed to train for skiing. In this case, the machine mimics the motions of a Nordic skier.

All in all, the two ladies seemed to have a good workout session and a lot of fun during that session. Trainer Kira Stokes was on hand to not only coach the two ladies, but to get video and photos, which she posted to her Instagram feed.

Thumbnail Photo - Left To Right - Lindsey Vonn, Kira Stokes, Ashley Graham - Credit: Kira Stokes/IG


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