Many Celebrities Have Visited Mount Snow, Vermont It Seems -- READ

I came across this one while looking for something else about my old home mountain. I was looking up something about one of the X-Games years but came across this in the process. Yes, I did find the other information I was looking for, but this might be more interesting.

I'm not going to say that I had the chance to meet a lot of the people on this list. You'll see that most of them were before my time. But, I did see Godsmack play at Mount Snow, though it was before the X-Games came to town. I also have the story of how I could be considered an acquaintance of Kelly Clark, but I'm saving that story for the book.

There are a ton more, some of which I feel are pretty interesting and I didn't know about even when I worked for the place. Take a look at this article and you might see a famous person that you would've liked to see on the ski slopes

Celebrities on Snow

I was talking with a co-worker, Tom Montemagni, and we landed on the subject of celebrities who have skied at Mount Snow. The more we talked and the more people we added to the conversation, the more the list grew. So here we go, in chronological order (to the best of our ability.)

Photo Credit: Mount Snow, Vermont 


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