Mikaela Shiffrin Has Put Some Thought Into The End Of Her Career

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The young competitive skiing superstar, Mikaela Shiffrin, is only 24 years old and has racked up one of the most impressive winning and career streaks in the sport. As her age, most folks would be thinking that this is just the beginning, but recently she shared some thoughts about the end.

“I guess I don’t really have a timeline,” Shiffrin said during a conference call. “I don’t know if I’m going to make it until I’m 30. Or if I’m going to retire before that, if it’s going to be after that. I probably don’t see myself going well beyond 30. “At the same time, if I’m at that point and still having an absolute blast and still reaching my own – not expectations but standards of skiing, then I’ll keep going,” she continued. “It’s not really a solid answer. But for sure I think about that.”

The above is a quote from Shiffrin during an interview with USA Today. It would seem that the young skier has put some thought into the future and the end of her career. Again, some would think she's too young to think about the end of her career, but have a look at that career.

At age 24, Shiffrin has already broken competitive skiing records, including 17 World Cup wins in a single season and becoming the first person to have wins in all six skiing disciplines. She is also sixth on the list for most career World Cup victories with 60 in total. If she continues on her current pace, she'll destroy the all-time win record, which is currently held by Ingemar Stenmark and totals 86 World Cup victories, before the next winter Olympics in Beijing, China.

That would be an impressive career to walk away from right now. But, as she said, she'll continue to compete for as long as she feels able and still has a passion for the sport. When Shiffrin talks about retirement, it really does seem to be a smart, young woman who is planning for her future, which any young person should do.

In the end, no matter when she retires from competition skiing, she could always take have a go in the music industry. It was just last night that Shiffrin posted another cover song to her social media pages. 
Now, her musical performances are clearly just for fun, but then again, one never truly knows what the future holds.

Thumbnail Credit: Manfred Werner (Tsui) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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