More Wicked Early Snow In The East, This Time From Vermont And New York

The media, both social and mainstream, has been abuzz with reports of very early snow all over the United States recently. Over the last two days, those reports have started to come out of New England and New York. It's not in the amounts that some of the western regions are seeing, but it's enough to get mouths watering for those who love winter.

First, we have a set of photos from Jay Peak Resort in northern Vermont. Though these look more like frost than actual snow, it does show how cold it has been getting in New England in early October.

From the next mountain comes a video that does show some actual snowflakes flying around. The video was posted by Stowe Mountain Resort and was taken by a visitor who was probably expecting to see only the fall colors of the mountains.

Lastly, another video, but this time from the Green Mountain's western neighbor, the Adirondacks. Whiteface Mountain, which is at Lake Placid, NY, posted a video showing that they have also had their first snow of the season.

With all this in the first week in October, it would be an understatement to say that winter is coming. It would seem that winter might already be upon us. With that said, for those of you that live for winter, keep praying and sending those good thoughts to keep it going.

Thumbnail Credit: Jay Peak Resort/FB


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