New Film From Good Company And Tom Wallisch -- "Cruise Control"

I'm a fan of watching Tom Wallisch ski. A lot of people that are into watching ski films are, so saying that isn't something new, unique, or original. But, I think that if you haven't watched one of his films, you should start, and this would be a good one.

With a running time just under 20 minutes, it's not very long, but you do get plenty of jumps and tons of backcountry powder runs with an opening sequence that feels almost like a dream. It did to me, anyway. For those fans of Wallisch's urban work, there is one short sequence that will give you a taste, but this film is all about the outdoors and being with your crew.

It is paced kind of slow, but that works here. There are those who say films featuring action sports should be all high-paced action, but that isn't the case. Here, you can chill, relax, and take in a film with some great landscapes and great skiing. It really is worth the watch.

Also, I feel like there is a bit of hate towards the New England Patriots here. It's a great scene that one might not even notice, but now that I've brought it up, you will. Take a look. As a New Englander, I just want to know what Wallisch thinks of the team.


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