Of Course Mt. Washington Has Some Of The Best Snow Coverage After This Past Week

This past week brought more than a little news about the weather around New England. A Nor'Easter came up the coast with a ton of wind and maybe even more than a ton of rain for most areas. Although, there were a few scattered areas in the region that saw a bit of snow. A lot of those regions did have a ski hill that was more than happy to share the goodness, but it would seem the region's tallest peak had some of the best.

Now, there may have been other high mountains that can rival the amount of snow that has been picked up at the top of Mount Washington, but do they look as good? The top of Mount Washington, for some, could be considered a winter wonderland currently. For others, it looks the precursor to the next ice age. Then there are also the nerds out there who will make the Hoth reference. Either way, the top of Mount Washington is beautiful right now and only adds to the anticipation of the impending New England Winter!

Photo Credit: Mount Washington Observatory/Observation Deck Camera 


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