Rough News Out Of Maine -- Eaton Mountain Will Not Open For The 2019/2020 Season

It never feels right when a ski hill is not able to open. It's well known that various circumstances can close a mountain, either temporarily or permanently, and it's a blow to the locals and fans of the mountain. This is the current situation for the folks of Skowhegan, Maine.

It was announced on October 21st that Eaton Mountain Ski Area would not be opening for the coming 2019/2020 season. The announcement came in the form of an open letter written by the mountain's president, David S. Beers. The letter was posted to the mountain's website and to social media.

Dear Eaton Mountain Friends:

I regret that I must inform you that Eaton Mountain will not be operating for the coming 2019-20 winter season. I realize this will be a big disappointment to our many loyal customers who keep coming back to make great wintertime memories here.

Over the past few years, I have had to face several personal and business related challenges and it is now necessary to take a year off in order to reposition the business so we can operate from a more solid footing and expand & improve upon what is already in place.

I want to stress that Eaton Mountain is not being closed permanently or liquidated. It is my intention to reopen next season and to continue with the ski area and snowtubing park as the primary focus of the business.

Thank you for your patience. I will post updates here and on Facebook as soon as there is information to share.

Best Regards,
David S. Beers
President, Eaton Mountain

As mentioned in the letter, there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel for locals and fans of Eaton Mountain. There is an intention to reopen for the 2020/2021 season. It's never a good thing when a mountain has to close for good, and it is almost certain that there are those who are sending plenty of well wishes to Mr. Beers and Eaton Mountain in hopes of that reopening.

Photo Credit: Eaton Mountain Ski Area & Snow Tubing Park/FB


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