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Looking almost as if the bindings from a snowboard were able to take on a life of their own, Snowfeet work as such. Step into a pair with your regular shoes or snowboard boots, ratch down the bindings, and you're off.

For those who are into skiboards, you'll recognize these as almost a cousin, being that they are used as a combination of skis and skates. One can move about the mountain as if they were using a pair of longer skis, however, the motions and techniques are closer to skating, even more so than with skiboards. Watch in this demonstration video to get more of a handle on the use of this mini skis.

As you can see, these truly relate more to the techniques of skating. Skiing and the use of skiboards obviously share some of the same techniques as skating, but it is the Snowfeet's size that makes them more like skates. If you need more proof of this, just look at that added heel brake. That's almost a trademark of inline skates. Though, it would be interesting to see how well that brake works on the side of a ski slope.

The true beauty of this product, however, is the portability and ease of use. How great could it be to be able to just throw a set of these in a bag and go? Match that with being able to just step into them. and step back out when finished, and one truly has a quick getaway set of skis. Also, the small size would make them wonderful when taking mass transit to the hill. Think about how tight space can be on the bus, especially with gear. With tiny, shoe sized skis and no need to carry boots, it could be more comfortable for everyone.

As for cost, these are definitely on the cheap end. Skiing and snowboarding are well known for the expense, but these aren't as high. Currently, they are available online for about $150, which isn't too bad considering that even skiboards, though cheap in their own right, can still top out at prices double the price of Snowfeet. The cost is even a little less if one uses them for cross-country outings, as well. When there is no need for extra equipment, there is no need to lay out extra bucks.

All in all, these do have a place in the skiing market. Now, there have been other, similar products that have come and gone, but the advantage here is the use of any boot that one would wear. This makes these far more practical than others that have come before them. With the other practical advantages, and being unique in today's market, these really could be the next big thing on the mountain.

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