The Fat Bear Champion Of Katmai National Park & Preserve Was Crowned

Through a vote via the Katmai National Park & Preserve, the fattest bear in the park has been chosen and crowned the winner of Fat Bear Week this past Tuesday!

The Fat Bear Week competition is set up similar to the NCAA March Madness Tournament, though it is all in good fun.  It's a way for Katmai National Park & Preserve to show how each of the local grizzly bears is preparing for the coming winter's hibernation. During this time, the bears begin to eat almost non-stop in order to bulk up their fat stores for their long winter's nap.

The public was able to decide which bear was the fattest from photos that were posted on the park's Facebook page. This year fans of the grizzly bears voted bear 435 Holly as the fattest of them all, which pretty much anyone could agree with from the above photo. 


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