The First Episode Of The New Season Of Line Traveling Circus Is Out And Features The East -- VIDEO

One of the wonderful things about writing for Ski Rex Media is that I can get distracted watching ski/snowboard films, realize I'm distracted and then write about it. It allows me to pass that distraction off as actually working. I'll be honest, too. Anyone could get distracted when a new episode of Line Traveling Circus comes out, but this one had the word "east" in the title, so I was hooked before even pushing the play button.

There are three main reasons as to why this immediately became my favorite episode. The first is the return of Ian Compton. Now, the man is almost the true personification of what it means to be a soul skier and freestyler rider and knows a little bit about living that good life. It's just him and his dogs living out in the woods of northern Vermont, not too far from Ski Rex Media HQ, actually. It's a great area and it looks like he's truly living that good life up there.

The second thing actually has to do with Vermont as well, but then, that's nothing new for me, nor do I hide my love for the Green Mountain State. Also, featured once again is Carinthia Parks at Mount Snow, which most of you probably know by now is my old home mountain and the area I grew up. The boys make the park look good with some smooth tricking.

Lastly, there is a small sequence in which LJ Strenio gives a short history lesson on skiboards. I don't hide my love for skiboards and I'm kind of old school with them myself having started riding just before the turn of the century. I can't ride them like these guys, though. These guys are just as sick on skiboards as they are on skis.

So, aside from my Ski The East bias and being a Vermonter, it's really a pretty great watch. Great riding, not only at the park but in the woods as well. The soundtrack isn't bad either. The whole thing works and I really enjoyed it. Check it out. You might, too.


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