The Littlest Ripper That Could Is At It Again -- VIDEO

What must be the best or at least the most adorable bit to grace snowboarding films today is back. The wonderful folks over at Snowboard Addiction have released another video with their resident 6-month old rider, this time taking to the snowmobile accessed backcountry.

Okay, so the little kid's father probably didn't actually take him all that far from the road, but this video is still pretty good. For most, it will elicit an "Aww" or a chuckle, but there are also some parents out there that must see the practicality of this setup.

In any case, the adventures of a 6-month old snowboarder must be getting a decent following, as this is the third time the little one has been out in his snowboarding rig. Check out the link below for his past videos, which includes a tutorial for setting up the rig.

Raising Them Right -- Watch As This Little One Gets A Great Snowboard Lesson -- VIDEO

Without a doubt one of the most adorable and funny videos you will see all day! Alright, that is a subjective statement, of course, but this video is a good one. It's said that the earlier you get a kid onto skis or a snowboard the better.
Thumbnail Credit: Snowboard Addiction/FB


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