Utah Is One Step Closer To Opening Day -- Though Some Heads Are Already Getting Runs -- VIDEO

Credit: Chris Bonin
It was just yesterday morning, October 20, that Ski Rex Media received the photo above as a post to Facebook. Fan and follower Chris Bonin sent this photo showing how much snow had fallen and was still falling at Alta Ski Area, Utah.

This was not the only photo that made it onto social media. Alta Ski Area also posted some of the shots they took over the weekend, only furthering the idea that Utah's opening day is just around the corner.

Early snow photos are always a wonderful thing to see, though there is something about black and white photography that adds to them. Though some would argue that video could be even better. It would seem that the first edit of the season was released this morning. The folks over at The Daily Pow took advantage of the early season storm by getting some "earn your turns" action at Alta. Just over a foot of fresh snow and they make it look wicked good.


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