Where Are You Getting Runs This Weekend? Five Resorts To Choose From In North America

It's still a week until Halloween, but there are five ski areas in North America that have lifts spinning. Where are you going to get in some early season runs?

First, this weekend will see three ski hills open and ready to rock in Colorado. If the American Rockies is where you would like to be, these are the three that are ready to receive you.

Oh, you're are heading to the Lake Tahoe region, not Colorado? That's alright, too. There is one hill on the Nevada side that is going to be ready to go this weekend.

Maybe you are one of our Canadian Brothers or Sisters and you're looking to get in some skiing or snowboarding this weekend. Of course, you can, too! You just have to take the ride to Alberta and you'll find an open slope.

Now, those five ski areas aren't the only places that one can go skiing or riding this weekend in North America. If you're looking to earn your turns, there are several places in which you can do so. However, make sure you are knowledgeable, have and know how to use the right equipment, use the buddy system, and just generally be safe if you're heading into the backcountry. Other than that, get out there and enjoy the early winter if you can.

Photo Credit: Arapahoe Basin/Base Area Webcam


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