Wicked Weather In New England Today, But There Is Some Snow Amongst The Rain

As rain and wind pound New England, there are some reports of what the locals have been waiting for...SNOW!!!

Though there has been some early snow, most of the precipitation for us here in New England has been rain. Now, we do sit around thinking about what the snow would be like if the temperature would drop just low enough to change the rain over to snow, but some places aren't just thinking about it.

The camera at the summit of Stratton Mountain, Vermont is showing just a tad bit more than a dusting. You can have a look for yourself below at the live feed.

Just so those who are reading this know, this was written and posted between 11 A.M. and noon on Thursday, October 17. It might have stopped snowing by the time you see this, but the picture at the very top is from this live cam, so you can see that it did happen.

With Stratton having some snowfall, it makes one wonder how it looks elsewhere in the area. Unfortunately, there isn't a cool picture from just up the road at Bromley or Magic, but go a little further and there is some winter at Mount Snow.

It's a little harder to see on the wet camera lens and don't forget the time that this is being posted, but there are some flurries at the snow stake in West Dover, VT. Again, if you look at the still photo, you can see that it's not a figment of anyone's imagination.

The Snow Stake Cam At Mount Snow, VT - Credit: Mount Snow, Vermont
Is it a sign of things to come, though? Partially, being that if the temps continue to drop, then these mountains in southern Vermont can turn on the snowguns. Once the snowguns go on, as our friends who are already skiing in the west know, the season can begin. It won't be long before Vermont and the rest of the East is open for business.

Speaking of the East, there should be a shoutout to one of our neighbors to the west in Upstate New York. It would seem that this storm system has brought some of the white stuff to the top of Whiteface Mountain near Lake Placid. They have also posted a video to show off the snowy goodness.

Thumbnail Credit: Summit Cam At Stratton Mountain Resort


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