Will We Be Trick Or Treating With An Umbrella Or Snow Boots?

With Halloween only a few days away this becomes a very important question. Of course, there are parts of the country that won't have to worry about having either an umbrella or snow boots, but for those of us that live in the north, we may have to pick one or the other.

It would seem that if one is going out looking for candy on Halloween in the Rockies, then you'll want to tailor your costume more for winter than late autumn. That probably isn't that much of a shocker with the current wave of early season snowstorms. However, here in New England, it's probably going to be better to have a costume that utilizes a waterproof poncho of some sort. Yes, there is a chance of snow for Halloween, but that will likely stick to the high mountains if it comes at all. That doesn't mean don't be prepared for it, though. Always dress for the weather.


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