World Snow Day Is Coming This January

Are you looking to get your kids into skiing/snowboarding? Do you need just a little bit more of a push to do so? Could it be that you think that seeing little ones out on the hill is an example of "raising them right" and wish to promote snow sports for kids even further? Then World Snow Day, created by the International Ski Federation (FIS), could be right up your alley.

"World Snow Day is the second phase of the 'Bring Children to the Snow' campaign. The first phase of the campaign, called SnowKidz, was launched in 2009. The SnowKidz project aims to encourage FIS Member National Ski Associations to promote snow sports within their country. Meanwhile, World Snow Day looks beyond the FIS membership to the wider snow sports community. It seeks to motivate children aged from 4-14 by encouraging all stakeholders to celebrate all things snow around the world simultaneously. In short, World Snow Day is the biggest day on snow all year. And World Snow Day is not a one-off event but is planned to be staged annually for years to come. "

World Snow Day is taking place this season on January 19th, 2020. As a way to remind those who are interested in the day, and to get others pumped and interested in the event, the FIS released a trailer for the day on their YouTube channel in twelve languages, which shows the commitment to making World Snow Day a truly worldwide event.

If you are looking to participate in an event, there are currently 102 registered events around the world. To find one near you, head to the World Snow Day website to see the listing of events or to register an event. Registration is open until December 15 and is free of charge.


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