A Repeat And A Career First Win In Snowboarding World Cup Big Air

As the rain kept making things a little bit of a hassle when it came to the conditions of the run, it didn't hinder the show at the first World Cup snowboard event of the 2019/2020 season in the Northern Hemisphere. At the end of the day, Japan's Reira Iwabuchi and Candian rider Nicolas Laframboise took the top spots.

Iwabuchi Has A Repeat Win At Modena For The Women

For the 2018/2019 season, Reira Iwabuchi picked up the crystal globe in her discipline and one of her wins that season was at Modena. The 17-year-old rider from Japan is starting off just how she finished by getting a repeat victory at the Italian venue. The youngster took the top spot in the qualifiers and remained there for the night. Tossing both a double underflip 900° indy and a switch backside cork 1080° mute on her first two runs pulled a combined score of 176.50. This put 50 points ahead of the next competitor, putting her on the podium top spot at the end of the night. She nows tops the leaderboard for the 2019/2020 World Cup with 1,400 points.

“It’s was really good conditions for me tonight. I’m happy to be back in first place here Italy, and I’m super happy to land two doubles in the competition.” - Reira Iwabuchi

Canadian rider Brooke Voight was able to pick up a second-place finish after throwing backside and frontside 720°s, securing the first of three Canadian snowboard podiums at Modena. Voight would be the only other woman to land to clean tricks that night, which gave her the seventh podium of her World Cup career.

Rounding out the podium for the women was the favored Austrian superstar Anna Gasser. Though sitting in first earlier in the night after throwing a cab dub underflip 900° mute, she wasn't able to hold on to that lead. Not being able to stick her tricks for the second and third runs, Gasser was able to come up with a score of 109.75, enough to get her on the podium. Third place, however, is not bad when one returns after missing most of the prior season due to injury.

“It started off really well tonight, but unfortunately I caught an edge on my second jump - which I haven’t done in years - and that scared me a little bit. Unfortunately I couldn’t put down a clean second trick after that, but I’m happy that my first score was big enough to still get me onto the podium.” - Anna Gasser

Canadian Teen Takes First World Cup Victory

Watching Canadian rider Nicolas Laframbois was to ask if the boy could do no wrong. During the qualifying runs, he stuck everything he threw down, setting himself up for a big victory after the finals. His first run saw a huge frontside triple cork 1440°, thrown down with authority, and followed by a backside version of the same trick. That set his score to a 172.50, leaving his third run a victory lap in which he tossed a frontside 360° just for the fun of it.

“Man, it’s just been insane. Right from this morning, I qualified first and got the dream start, and it’s just kept going from there. Today I was l- Chris Corning
anding everything, and everything felt so good, just like way easier than it usually does. I’m just on cloud right now. It’s a dream come true.” - Nicola Lamframbois

Picking up the second-place spot on the podium was Laframbois' Canadian teammate and near snowboarding legend Mark McMorris. Returning to World Cup competition after almost two years away, McMorris had to recover from a fall on his first run. For his second and third attempts, he threw a backside triple 1440° indy followed by a frontside tiple 1440° mute. All that spinning was enough to get a combined score of 168.00 and his eighth World Cup podium.

“I’m hyped to get on the podium, it feels good. I’m glad I landed the two tricks I wanted to, but I just wish I would have put them down with my first two runs so I could have stepped it up to try and take the win. I didn’t think I was judged very well on my last hit, but other than that it was fun. And it’s fun to ride here in Modena. This is a big crowd and they’re all here for snowboarding, it's more organic crowd I feel like, and that's cool.” - Mark McMorris

Finishing off the day in third is another rider who is achieving near legend status, American rider Chris Corning. Corning won the season opener at Cardona, New Zealand and went big in an attempt at a winning streak. Corning's first run saw a front 1440° melon followed by a backside triple cork 1440° melon bringing his score to a 166.25. He stepped it up a notch by taking his backside triple to 1620° on the third run, but a double hand slap kept him from improving his score. However, the day was still his as the third-place finish was enough for him to retain his points lead in the World Cup standings.

“I’m not real happy with my scores, but I love to be here in Modena. It’s a fun contest and I’m happy to walk away with a podium. Hopefully we’ll be back to step it up next year.” - Chris Corning


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