A Spot For The Ladies That Ski & Ride -- "Her Turn at The She Shed"

For those who visited the Boston.com Ski & Snowboard Expo, they, mostly, entered through the front entrance and were immediately taken in by the sights and sounds of the ski industry. Just about every ski mountain in New England was represented, along with some from the west, gear makers, media outlets, and even places that could replace one's kitchen or windows. But, just beyond all of that, almost dead-center on the show floor, was a set up that was a little more unique and specialized.

There couldn't be a name more appropriate for this exhibitor. As the originator of Her Turn at The She Shed, Kathy Benharris put it, "It's female-specific programming for kickass chicks that ride or ski at all levels," all of which is created for women, by women.

The mission of The She Shed starts at the very core of skiing and snowboarding, getting outside to ski and ride. This is done by encouraging new women to take a pair of skis or a snowboard for a ride, as well as helping women to be able to stay out on the hills and offering solutions to expand their experience on the mountain.

To that point, the women that have created and curated The She Shed are legit skiers themselves. Kathy Benharris, and a partner who was also on hand at the expo, Grace Goodearl, can be found skiing at Sunday River, one of the biggest, both in size and popularity, ski mountains in the state of Maine. This works out well being that Sunday River is a sponsor of Her Turn at The She Shed. It's more than safe to say these women are not posers.

There are also several other women that lend their support to The She Shed through the skills, life experiences, and stories they each have that tie into many of the facets of the ski industry. On hand for this expo was Donna Weinbrecht, an Olympic champion and multiple halls of fame inductee that won the first gold medal awarded in mogul competition at the 1992 winter games. Also on hand was Wendy Clinch, founder of theskidiva.com, a top website that is all about women and ski/snowboard lifestyle, and Moira McCarthy, an award-winning ski and adventure writer. This is only a shortlist of The She Shed lineup, which also included gear developers, beauty and fashion experts, as well as other athletes and published writers, all with something to offer to the lifestyle of the woman skier or rider.

Her Turn at The She Shed at the 2019 Boston.com
Ski & Snowboard Expo - Credit: Tim Meyer
Along with those who were on hand to support The She Shed, the exhibit itself was also top-notch. Designed very similar to a ski lodge, a very New England ski lodge, it feels much like a place to gather and exchange stories of a day spent on a ski hill. One could sit by the fireplace in chairs from skichair.com, talk, hang out, and genuinely connect with others who have a passion for this lifestyle. There was also a multitude of gear from winter lifestyle brands such as KulKea, Athalon Sportgear, High Pine Outerwear, Strolz Ski Boots, Peace and Pow, and several others. Everything on display from these brands was chosen to be more female-specific, to make sure that options for women aren't lost in the world of ski gear and fashion.

If you're interested in seeing this wonderful exhibit first hand, keep an eye out around expo time. Yes, the expo for the 2019/2020 season has already come and gone, but expo for the 2020/2021 season will be here before you know it. Also, KB Fashion Productions, the company that curates and executes Her Turn at The She Shed, will be having a fashion show at the Liberty Hotel in Boston on December 12. You can also follow the link below to the Her Turn at The She Shed page on the KB Fashion Productions website.

Her Turn at the She Shed | KB Productions

Her Turn at The She Shed was the perfect space for women of all ages and abilities to connect with other females in a cozy space. We hosted Olympic athletes, influencers. gear experts, and others that joined our health style and beauty experts and excluded A/V as we wanted the experience to be intimate and allow for personal conversations.
An excellent idea presented in a very professional way, yet it still has all the feel of a day out on the slopes. If you are ever able to stop by and chat about the ski lifestyle, don't hesitate to do so. It's totally worth it.


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