An Animated Big Mountain Rescue Adventure -- VIDEO

When participating in the big mountain, backcountry, off-piste, mountaineering world the last thing anyone wants to do is end up in a bad situation. Define a bad situation? Well, let's just leave it at needing to be rescued. This animated short film is all about what could happen during the said rescue, just in a bit more light-hearted, laughable way.

Hors Piste from Hors Piste - Short Film on Vimeo.

As one can see, this film is a pretty funny take on what could be a very serious situation. Very nice animation, great character design, and a wicked funny story have led this film to win multiple awards across the festival circuit. Due to that success, the filmmakers have put it on Vimeo, but only for a limited time, so watch it right now while you have the chance. You won't be disappointed.

For a lot of us in the skiing/snowboarding world, the most horrifying thought one could have is the need to get into enough trouble to prompt a mountain rescue. Let's all hope, God forbid, that if we get into the dire of a situation, someone other than these two rescuers are the ones to show up.

Thumbnail Credit: Hors Piste


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