Big News For The Whaleback Fundraising Effort -- Donor Will Match Donations Towards The Goal

Whaleback Mountain, a non-profit, local ski hill in Enfield, New Hampshire, has had a huge boost in their fundraising efforts, and the official start to their crowdfunding campaign through The Local Crowd doesn't even begin until a little later this morning.

It would seem that a donor has been kind enough to match donations up to the $10,000 goal the mountain has set. What does that mean? If a person is kind enough to donate $100 today, that donation will be matched immediately. This gives the mountain the potential to double their money so to speak, up to the $10,000 goal.

Credit: Whaleback Mountain
The mountain has already been doing some serious upgrades during the offseason, including the removal, repair, and replacement of an entire exterior wall in the main lodge. With work of this magnitude already being done, it's a good time to do even more, which is where the crowdfunding campaign comes into play. The money being raised will go towards adding energy efficiency upgrades to the current projects. These include:
  • Energy-efficient windows and doors
  • Spray foam insulation with an improved R-value
  • Light fixtures with LED bulbs
  • New entry vestibule to reduce heat loss
  • Fireplace insert to improve heating efficiency

This sounds like a great plan, doesn't it? Would you like to donate to the cause? To do so, head over to the Whaleback Mountain crowdfunding campaign through The Local Crowd at the link below. There, you can choose your donation amount and the campaign reward for the amount you choose. As stated above, your donation will be equally matched up to the $10,000 goal.

Upper Valley VT & NH | The Local Crowd, LLC

The Local Crowd is a crowdfunding platform that enables non-profits, businesses, and individuals to seek community support through fundraising.

About Whaleback Mountain

The owner and operator of Whaleback Mountain is the Upper Valley Snow Sports Foundation. The Upper Valley Snow Sports Foundation (UVSSF) is a nonprofit entity with the mission to support and enhance an affordable, healthy, and sustainable snow sports experience in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont. UVSSF members first came together in the spring of 2013 on the heels of Whaleback Mountain LLC shuttering operations. Like our fellow residents, we recognize the importance of Whaleback as a community asset and started our journey to purchase and operate the mountain.

About The Local Crowd

Started in 2012, The Local Crowd® works with rural communities to create local crowdfunding ecosystems that support growth and sustainability of local businesses and organizations. Our full-service package includes crowdfunding software, consulting and instruction–including webinars, clinics, and guidebooks to help focus entrepreneurs on creating successful high-impact campaigns. More recently we have been researching the 4th sector and creating an educational and crowdfunding tool for social entrepreneurs that are doing some amazing 4th sector work.


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