Columbia Is Releasing Limited Edition Star Wars Jackets - -Get It, Nerds!!!

Those of us in the world of skiing and snowboarding knows that a jacket or coat doesn't just have to be practical. Of course, one wants to get the best jacket they can to stay dry and warm. But, why not have that jacket be wicked cool at the same time?

No, this isn't a piece about fashion, the is a piece about a jacket speaking to both the Nerd and Ski lifestyles. That combination is summed up here with the announcement that Columbia Sportswear is releasing a limited edition Star Wars-themed jacket.

The new Star Wars jacket is part of Columbia's Challenger lineup and will be available to either those who follow the Light or the Dark side. Both versions of the jacket come complete with styling inspired by the Star Wars films, including schematics, on the interior, of the lightsabers of your favorite Star Wars hero or villain. The light side jacket features Luke Skywalker's vehicle ID and his mantra, "May The Force Be With You", written in Aurebesh, the written language of the Star Wars universe. Darth Vader is your favorite, though? His vehicle ID and phrasing, "You Underestimate The Power of The Dark Side", is included with the Dark Side version, also written in Aurebesh.

These jackets don't only look good while showing your fandom, but they have all of the functionality and practicality that Columbia equipment is known for. Each jacket is made with a waterproof-breathable shell, to keep you dry and warm, plus a mesh sleeve pocket, zip hand pockets, kangaroo pouch, and side-entry zip for all your onboard, storage needs. The jacket also features an adjustable hood, cuffs, and hem to "Deliver a just-right fit".

This jacket would be great to have for a day out on the hill anyway, but the wicked cool Star Wars styling is a nice bonus. However, stock on these will be limited and once they sell out, that's it. The jackets will be available at 12:01 A.M. on December 6, 2019. They will be available at a limited number of Columbia stores across the United States, a full list of which can be found below by following the link below.

Star Wars Jackets & Gear | Columbia Sportswear

Which side will you choose? Special-edition Star Wars jackets and gear from a galaxy far, far away...

If you are going to be close to one of those stores and think this would be perfect for you or the skiing/snowboarding Nerd that you love, get your hands on one. May the Force Be With You!

Photo Credit: Columbia Sportswear


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