Decent News Out Of Maine -- Saddleback Mountain Will Reopen

After years of sitting idle, watching the seasons change, but not able to open for skiing or snowboarding, Saddleback Mountain will once again have the lifts turning with an expected reopening next season.

The Berry Family, owners of Saddleback Mountain, have reached an agreement with Arctaris Impact Fund to purchase Saddleback, Inc. and Saddleback Land and Timber Corp.

Saddleback was one of the top three largest ski areas in the state and sits on one of the top ten highest mountains in Maine. In 2003, the mountain changed owners to the Berry Family, who shut down operations in the summer of 2015.

The mountain sat idle but had a chance at reopening in 2017 when the Majella Group agreed to purchase the mountain. However, after Majella CEO Sebastian Monsour was arrested on fraud allegations, that sale was not completed and the mountain remained closed.

This past Thursday, November 7, the light began to show at the end of the tunnel for the Rangeley, ME mountain. It was through a press release on the Saddleback website that it was announced that Arctaris Impact Fund would purchase the mountain. Having expressed interest in purchasing and reopening the mountain just over a year ago, finally an agreement has been reached between all parties involved.

“This beautiful mountain has so much potential and it looks like the Buyer has a strong plan moving forward. We are excited for the acquisition to be complete for the Saddleback Resort community and the entire Rangeley area” said Dawn Klein of Lakehome Group, real estate broker for the Berry Family.

There have been reports of plans to hire a new workforce of approximately 200 people, which would help to revitalize a community that has seen some struggles since the mountain shut down. Also, the reopening of the mountain would have benefits for other local businesses, as well.

Along with the benefits to community, there came reports of benefits to the ski area, including replacing the older double-chair with a new quad and improving the snowmaking system at the mountain. If all goes well, the mountain could be open in time for the 2020/2021 season.

Photo Credit: ThePessimus [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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